satellite constellation visualization

Download SaVi 1.4.8 (January 2015)

SaVi allows you to simulate satellite orbits and coverage, in two and three dimensions. SaVi is particularly useful for simulating satellite constellations such as Iridium and Globalstar.

SaVi is described in a short paper and by SourceForge.

SaVi runs on Microsoft Windows (under Cygwin), on Macintosh OS X, Linux and Unix. To get started with SaVi, download SaVi (from UK mirror) or install the debian/Ubuntu SaVi package.

Read the SaVi user manual and learn about satellite constellations in a tutorial using SaVi. Then take a look at the optional but useful Geomview, which SaVi can use for 3D rendering.

Further information on SaVi is available. SaVi is supported via the SaVi users mailing list.

SaVi is developed at SourceForge. There is a SaVi developers mailing list.

SaVi standalone | SaVi with Geomview
SaVi running under Geomview - click to update
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