Download SaVi 1.5.1 (July 2017)

The SaVi satellite constellation visualization package can be installed and run on many different platforms where unix functionality is already present, or where unix functionality can be added. If an installation package is not available, you can always download SaVi and compile it yourself.

SaVi is most useful with Geomview, which adds 3D rendering capabilities. The satellite plot scripts may also be useful.

on Linux

SaVi and Geomview are available in many package managers on Debian- or Ubuntu-based Linux systems. At the command line:

sudo apt-get install savi
sudo apt-get install geomview
geomview -run savi

is enough to get up and running.

Ubuntu SaVi package and Geomview package information is available.
Debian SaVi package and Geomview package information is available.

on Apple Mac OS X

Hints for installing on Mac OS X are available.

on Microsoft Windows

Hints for installing on Windows are available.

The simplest method may be to install the Cygwin packages from the Cygwin installer. Information on the Cygwin packages is available.

Geomview package from Cygwin installer

SaVi package from Cygwin installer

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